How do I open a Control Panel Applet with Encrypted RunAs?

Control Panel Applets can be browsed to directly from within Encrypted RunAs. The exception to this is NCPA.CPL (Network Applet) this cannot be used in the context of a different user.

We have created a tool to switch and toggle network connections on and off, this can be found at

In the command line browse to C:\windows\system32\control.exe, in parameters type the name of the applet (ending in .cpl).

Control Panel Applets can be found at c:\windows\system32 and end in the suffix .CPL, here is a list of the popular ones:

Accessibility (access.cpl)
Add New Hardware (hdwwiz.cpl)
Add/Remove Programs (appwiz.cpl)
Date/Time Properties (timedate.cpl)
Display Properties (desk.cpl)
Internet Properties (inetcpl.cpl)
Keyboard Properties (main.cpl)
Mouse Properties (main.cpl)
Power Options (powercfg.cpl)
Regional Settings (intl.cpl)
Sound Properties (mmsys.cpl)
System Properties (sysdm.cpl)

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