My Encrypted RunAs shortcut will not work

Here is a checklist of things to check if a Encrypted RunAs Shortcut will not work:

1. Check you are using an appropriate local or domain account, if you have created the account make sure that in the properties you have unchecked 'Change password at next logon'.

2. Check that the password is correct (change it to what you are typing in the password box to confirm)

3. Check that the program you are trying to run is accessible to account you are using in step 1.

You may have trouble with the following locations:

a. Files located in c:\Documents and Setting\...
b. Distributed File System shares with periods (.) in the path.
c. Trying to point to programs held on Novell Netware Fileshares.
d. Trying to open to certain control panel applets with control.exe (see KB articles 2 & 3).

4. If none of the above works try the following:

a. Make sure the 'Secondary Logon' service is started and in automatic startup mode.
b. If possible delete the local or domain profile for the account you are using in Encrypted RunAs, and try the shortcut again.
c. If you cannot delete the profile, try creating a new account (See Step 1 about 'change password on next logon')
d. Try to run c:\windows\notepad.exe to test a simple filepath.
e. Try running the same program with microsoft's runas command, some programs just don't like running in the context of a differenct user.

5. If you have tried all the suggestions here and the shortcut is still not running please submit a support ticket.

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